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Plants That are Poisonous to Dogs and Cats

November 12, 2015

Now that Spring is here many of us will be tending to our gardens, or bringing new plants into our homes. Growing plants in our homes and gardens is good for the environment and can be good for our health and well-being but it is important to remember that some plants are poisonous, and should not be grown anywhere that is accessible to pets and small children. The extent of poisoning varies depending on the toxicity of the plant and the amount ingested.  There are hundreds of plants that can cause poisoning in dogs and cats but we couldn't possibly list them all here.  Some of the more common poisonous plants found in South Africa are listed below. Some common poisonous...

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Introducing a New Cat to an Existing Cat

July 28, 2015

Although cats may appear to be solitary animals, many cats do enjoy feline companionship. However, cats are territorial and introducing a new cat to an existing cat takes time and patience, particularly if the existing cat is used to being an only pet. Throwing the cats together and leaving them to "work it out" themselves is not the best approach, and can cause stress on the cats as well as risk physical injury if a fight ensues. A careful introduction can help set the way for lasting feline friendship and harmony. Introduction Process 1. Set up a "Safe Room" for the new cat Before the new cat arrives set up a room that she will feel safe in. This can...

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